Hi there! I am Kayla, the mama and maker behind each piece of jewelry that hits your hands!

I started Emmie Kay shortly after my first daughter Emma was born. I had trouble finding affordable, high quality jewelry for her that I felt confident putting on her. Everywhere I looked I found stretchy bracelets that were made in bright, obnoxious, colors. So I set out to make my own! My bracelets are not stretchy— they are all made with strong beading wire and high quality clasps, so our Littles cannot rip them off. I also set out to make more “aesthetic” bracelets that we as moms would want to wear as well! (Mommy and Me is kind of our thing here 😉)

Emmie Kay is truly a family venture. We handle all aspects of this shop from our home in Tucson, AZ. With a regular 9-5 job, a toddler, and an infant attached to me, life is nothing short of pure craziness and organized chaos… but I wouldn’t change it for the world!  

We are so thankful that you are here! There is a lot of love that is poured into each order, and I hope that when you open it, you feel it radiate out.