Safety & Care


Our mission is to make safe baby bracelets that are fixed-clasp, non-stretchy and are made with the highest quality beads and materials. While our bracelets are very durable, they are not indestructible. Please use Emmie Kay under the supervision of adults. 

Our bracelets are made with gold filled clasps and extenders. Gold filled jewelry has 100% more gold than gold plated jewelry, making it highly unlikely to ever tarnish, flake, or change colors. 

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Exposure to harsh chemicals, such as perfumes, shampoo, lotions, hairspray, chlorine in pools/spas, etc.,  may cause damage to jewelry over time. It is recommended that you remove jewelry before using these chemicals. It is also recommended that you remove jewelry during physical activities when you are likely to sweat.

Repeat exposure to water (such as bathing or swimming) may weaken beading wire over time.